Avaya Cloud Transformation

Businesses of all sizes are now exploring the flexible infrastructure that a private, public, or hybrid cloud promises to deliver

Traditional communications infrastructures still serve a key purpose, but usually require significant budget spend up front, and may not be flexible enough to support steady growth or seasonal spikes.

Modern businesses are looking to address these challenges by transitioning to cloud-friendly options.  This allows employees to better collaborate with co-workers, partners, and customers - and they get to do it with user friendly tools..

To help businesses achieve easier communications—and thereby better business results—Comec Voice & Data is extending the benefits of the cloud to provide next-generation cloud solutions.

Avaya Collaborative Cloud™ is our strategic framework for delivering communication services and applications to our customers and partners via the cloud.

The Avaya Collaborative Cloud delivers both choice and flexibility.Customers can choose a private, public, or hybrid cloud to support discrete services or holistic solutions. All our cloud solutions offer the same rich features and user experiences of our market-leading on-premise solutions.Customers can achieve even more value by easily integrating third party applications with our Avaya Aura® based open platform.

With the Avaya Collaborative Cloud framework, we:

  • Build with cloud-grade applications and infrastructure
  • Manage part or all of your communications applications and infrastructure
  • Deliver services through public and hybrid clouds
  • Enable service providers to deliver cloud services
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